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Gomi Corporation Thailand, signed an annual KRW 1 billion Vodana supply contract

The Thailand Branch of Gomi Corporation, a global business solution innovation company, announced on the 28th that it had signed an annual supply contract worth KRW 1 billion with Houseco, a Thai distribution company, to Vodana.

Vodana is a brand that introduces various hair tools with design and practicality for the MZ generation, such as ironing rods and curling irons. Last March, Gomi Corporation signed a product supply contract with Vodana, a professional beauty tool manufacturer, and decided to start Vodana's entry into the Southeast Asian market in earnest.

In order to import electrical machinery into Thailand, compulsory certification from the Thai Industrial Standards Institute (TISI) must be obtained, and the compulsory certification mark must be marked on the product to be distributed and sold. TISI compulsory certification is considered a non-tariff barrier for exporting companies as the documents and procedures to be submitted are very complicated and the approval period is long. Gomi Corporation is in the process of obtaining TISI certification through a Thai import certification process for several months in close collaboration with local organizations, and is expected to complete certification acquisition around mid-August.

Gomi Corporation Thailand concluded a product supply contract with Houseco, a Thai distribution company, to Vodana by discovering local buyers. Going forward, Gomi Corporation will supply Vodana products worth KRW 1 billion annually to Houseco as an official importer of the Vodana brand in Thailand.

An official from Gomi Corporation said, “Vodana is already gaining popularity among women in their 20s and 30s in China and Japan. We plan to conduct aggressive distribution and marketing activities covering B2B and B2C so that Vodana can become an essential beauty item in Thailand.”

Gomi Corporation provides simple services and solutions to support the difficult overseas market entry to manufacturers and brands wishing to enter the Southeast Asian market, where Korean products are highly preferred. Currently, it operates local subsidiaries in Vietnam, Thailand, India, and Singapore, and is seeking various partners such as manufacturers, brand companies, distributors, and sales channels to promote common interests based on cooperative relationships in each country.

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